I am not really a musician. I’m a chemist and I play the guitar.

After many years of playing in bands I have accumulated a load of guitars and a load of musical ideas. I resolved to get this stuff recorded before I was 60.

I met with George Waters (drummer supreme) who encouraged me to contact Ally Lee of Mill Studios Alnwick. Ally is a titan of the North East musical scene and has a wonderful studio and contacts like no-one else. Through Ally I was introduced to Sophie Armstrong of the band Summerland.

She is a wonderful and versatile singer who gigs locally but in Summerland has released two excellent albums. She agreed to work with me and from that moment the project had real momentum. Amongst Ally’s and my contacts we assembled a great array of musicians who willingly gave of their talent and their time. The results are here for all to see. I’m really proud of these songs but we didn’t get them done before I was 60.

The final mix was 7 days after my 61st birthday but I think it was worth the wait.

Thanks to all involved,

Tony Schofield

Track list

  • Lavender
  • You Never Have Enough
  • Interesting Stranger
  • That Day Just Dawned
  • The Hunger Never Dies
  • Too Much of a Good Thing
  • I’ll Be Your Mountain
  • Can’t Buy You Time
  • Beautiful Souvenirs
  • Places Where Strangers Meet
  • Flirt with Danger
  • I Don’t Go Down Without a Fight
  • The Dividing Line

Arranged by Tony Schofield and Ally Lee, produced at Mill Studios, Alnwick, by Ally Lee. Bass on ‘The hunger never dies’ recorded at Boomchang Studios, Newcastle. Brass on ‘I’ll be your mountain’ recorded at Ginger Studios, Pelaw.

All songs written by Tony Schofield apart from Lavender (Lyrics by Michael Minchella) and Interesting Stranger (Lyrics co-written by Sophie Armstrong, with Spanish translation by her nephew Paul Merchant).

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